• Agri-Vest is an investment holding company that, through its subsidiaries, owns a number of equity holdings in agricultural related businesses.
  • Investments include maize farming, game breeding, international hunting clients, the manufacturing and distribution of aloe ferox based products, as well as extensive cattle farming, feedlots and an abattoir.
  • Agri-Vest focuses on investing in agricultural businesses, comprising of larger commercial business with a strong corporate culture, practicing good corporate governance, reporting, and supporting management in the day to day operations of its investments.
  • Agri-Vest focuses on capitalising its investments adequately and assisting to mature their investments, ultimately maximising the yield in such an investment.
  • AgriVest
  • Austin and Evans (Pty) Ltd
    Austin and Evans (Pty) Ltd

    The business of Austin and Evans comprises of running its own feedlot and abattoir.

  • African Aloe (Pty) Ltd
    African Aloe (Pty) Ltd

    African Aloe specialises in the manufacturing of aloe ferox raw materials, aloe ferox gels, juices and beverages by harvesting organic aloe plants in the Karoo for the local and international pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

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  • Natures Health Products (Pty) Ltd
    Natures Health Products (Pty) Ltd

    Natures Health is a distributor of complementary medicine and health care products in South Africa. Its product range consists of aloe vera, aloe ferox, various tincture-based drops, capsules and health creams, as well as nutritional meals and diet supplements.

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  • Glacis Investment Holdings
    Glacis Investment Holdings

    Glacis Investment Holdings is an investment holding company with a large diversified agricultural asset portfolio consisting of agricultural properties, game breeding, hunting, livestock farming and other commercialized farming activities.

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  • Vuka Commandale Treated Timber (Pty) Ltd
    Vuka Commandale Treated Timber (Pty) Ltd

    Vuka Commondale Treated Timber is a leading manufacturer & direct supplier of wooden poles treated with either Creosote or Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA) to be used for a wide variety of purposes in Africa.

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  • GrainCor

    GrainCor specialises in strategic acquisitions and investments in grain farming operations.

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  • DairyCor 360
    DairyCor 360

    DairyCor 360 specialises in strategic acquisitions and investments in the dairy farming industry.  

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AgrivestCor (Pty) Ltd
Reg no: 2012/011047/07

HC van Heerden (Managing), CA (SA)
GL Robinson (Finance), CA (SA)
HCF Langenberg (Legal, Governance and Compliance)
B.Com, B.Proc, LLB, Dip. Insolvency Law

PJ van Heerden, CA (SA) 
E-mail:  PJvanHeerden@shimmer.co.za
Tel:  +27 (0)21 565 0000

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